Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Planting and potting up, plus transplanting

I potted up the David and Franz Schubert Phlox and the Helianthus that the deer attacked in the perennial bed. I dug up the Rudbeckia that they ate in the perennial bed, divided it and potted up 2 pieces. The remainder was planted around the pool next to the Leprechaun Agarista. I removed the purple-stem Elephant Ear that had come up near the Bengal Tiger Cannas and some of the Cannas to make space for the Hibiscus militaris that I grew from seed. I removed one of the giant Elephant Ears from the end of the pool. I planted the Anisacanthus near the corner of the croquet lawn so that we can see the hummingbirds from the screen porch. The Cannas and Elephant Ears were transplanted temporarily to empty areas around the croquet lawn.