Saturday, October 01, 2011

Planting and transplanting

Moved the Color Guard Yucca and split it, planting one by the front door and one by the courtyard gate. Also dug up one Helleri and planted the Blue Feathers Cypress by the gate. Dug up the Gardenia by the pool fence and planted a Blue Cascade Isu in its place. Planted the Craibiodendron which had been in the conservatory, and the Mahonia gracilipes by the garage side. Planted a new Aztec Grass by the garage side. Dug up the Gaura from the side of the perennial bed and planted it in the One of Everything garden, moving the Purple Coneflower to the perennial bed. Also planted Meringue Coneflower and Amber Mist Coneflower in the perennial bed. Potted up some yellow Pansies and the Cliftonia. Replaced a dead Soft Touch in the perennial bed and added 2 Harbor Belles by the croquet lawn. Potted up some Muhlenbergia which had reseeded in the garden.