Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Planting and fertilizing

I planted Yucca rostrata, Giant Elephant Ears, and Rhubarb Elephant Ears in the Blue Bird Perennials garden, Chitalpa in the Abelias And More garden, Heptacodium in the Wild Or Wacky garden, Red Neck Girl Salvia in the Big Trees and Birds garden, and Variegated Confederate Jasmine from the Hide The Hydrant garden to the Pool Lawn Border. I transplanted Mr. Spock to the One Of Everything garden since he was coming back from the roots, not variegated. I planted Old Blush Rose in the OOE garden and moved Starburst Miscanthus to the Golf Course Hedge. I potted up Dyckia and installed the pot in the Turret Front Garden. I finished liming the rest of the garden and fertilized all the lawns.