Sunday, April 18, 2010

Planting - perennials and cuttings

In the courtyard I planted a Vitex trifolia cutting from last Autumn. I planted another in the front next to the Magnolia and one by the pool near the Cannas. Also I replaced the one by the retaining wall in the back with a cutting.
By the bird bath I planted a Caradonna Salvia and then a Mexican Variegated Sage by the gatepost - a cutting replacing the one from last Summer. By the opposite gatepost I planted a Pineapple Sage cutting.
In the raised perennial bed I planted an Arizona Sun Gaillardia, a Purple Knockout Salvia and a Hot Lips Salvia.
By the pool near the Cannas I planted two dark Elephant Ears and by the Agapanthus, a Bright Edge Yucca.