Monday, May 24, 2010


Planted the Chase Manhatten Ginkgo by the helipad along with a Purple Sunset Dwarf Pomegranate I got from Dr. Dirr. Planted the new Variegated Holly Osmanthus at the end of the grass path on the right property line and replaced the dead Variegated Holly Osmanthus with Leymus Arenarius in the front left bed. Replaced the Clemson Hardy Bottlebrush in the front right bed. Planted the Lespedeza from Goodness Grows in front of ShishiGashira in the second tier bed by the screen porch. Planted Summer Snow Pee Gee Hydrangea in the pool edge behind the middle Gardenias. Planted Sunny Side Up Lantana from Dr. Dirr below the birdhouse and the Carolina Silverbell behind the Dogwood on the right property line. Made a gravel and soil bed between the Daylilies and the path to the pool and planted Jenny Stonecrop and some Angelina Stonecrop pieces. Sowed some Basil seed in the courtyard and planted the rooted cuttings of Summer Coleus.