Monday, September 13, 2010

Planting and transplanting

Potted up the Endless Summer Hydrangea for sale and planted the Silver Dust Camellia in its spot behind the garage. Planted Spirit Laurestinus Viburnum in the pool fence corner where the Camellia had been. Planted an August Beauty Gardenia that had been recuperating in a pot in front of the Kalmia, moved the Yellow Berried Nandina in front of the Fuji Snow Salvia and put the Chinese Abelia on the corner of the screen porch where the Nandina had been. Planted the Variegated Holly Osmanthus in front of Haley's Comet Anise, Sunburst Boxwood by the basement door and Itea back in front near the Santa Fe Coreopsis. Planted and staked Gordonia lasianthus in the berm and Ilex buergeri near the Arondo donax.