Sunday, September 19, 2010

Planting - perennials

I planted some of the perennials I got from Layman's. On the berm: Pike's Peak Purple Penstemon, Salvia Wild Thing, Scarlet Halo Blanket Flower, Irish Eyes Rudbeckia, Trumpet Red Blanket Flower and Montauk Daisy. In the perennial bed: Icicle Veronica and three Yarrows, Sunny Seduction, Saucy Seduction and Pomegranate Tutti Frutti.

From the perennial bed I moved the one remaining Red Hot Poker and the Hot Lips Salvia to the berm.

I planted the Caryopteris Summer Sorbet in the front garden and the Luna Rose Hibiscus inside the pool fence, removing some Cannas.

i also planted the Pink Mexican Petunia that had been in the pot with the Lemon Tree, at the side of the conservatory.