Thursday, April 21, 2011

Planting, transplanting, propagating

I planted a Variegated Society Garlic in the perennial bed, Salvia greggii 'Purple Pastel' and 'White' in the front near the mailbox, A variegated Sedum near the screen porch steps, and Margarita Abelia where Hopley's had been near the golf course. I transplanted Hopleys to the front garden by the roses, and transplanted the Rhubarb Elephant Ears to the other side of the window, Pink Cloud Gaura from the flume to in front of the screen porch, Phoenix Fire Daylily from the cutting garden to the edge of the flume and a piece of the daylily in the tiers to the flume edge also. We divided the Adagion Miscanthus and dug up the rooted babys of Kumson Forsythia.