Monday, May 02, 2011


I planted a Stewart Shuck Canna, Purple Emperor Sedum, Starfire Phlox and transplanted the Neon Sedum inside the pool fence. Also planted the Cordyline. I planted the Lindheimer's Muly and the White Cloud Muhly at the back left corner along with the Dwarf Garters. I dug up a Pink Muhly from there that was suffering badly. I moved the Salvia lyrata which was spreading like wildfire from the perennial bed to the side of the conservatory. I moved the Penn Stripe Pennisetum to inside the pool fence. I planted 2 Verbena Homestead Red by the screen porch and a Whirling Butterflies Gaura by the croquet lawn. I planted the Penstemon Red Rocks and Fanfare Gaillardia in the perennial bed, the Butterfly Weed by the conservatory, Echinacea, Little Lemon Solidago, Dixieland Miscanthus and Gold Bar Miscanthus in the One of Everything bed in front, and the Spider Lily in the Berm.