Friday, June 15, 2012

Planting and transplanting

I moved the 3 Nandinas from one diagonal of the croquet lawn to the other so that I could plant the 3 Buzz butterfly bushes on the long diagonal. I moved one Harbour Dwarf Nandina to the Camellias and More garden and potted up the other. I potted up the variegated Althea by the golf course because it was having an ant problem. I planted Siloam Double Classic Daylily, Pow Wow Wild Berry and Magnus Coneflowers in the Daylily Fountain Garden. I planted Voodoo Sedum in the One of Everything garden and Spirit Sedum in the Five Trees Garden, and Tricolor Sage in the Octagonal Perennial Garden. I planted Stella and Pardon Me Daylilies that I took out of the daylily garden in the Abelias and More garden. Also Hosta Tropical Storm in the courtyard and Geranium Rozanne under the bamboo. I moved the green crinum to the In Between Garden and planted Gaillardia Coral Spark in the Berm.