Thursday, April 11, 2013

Planting and transplanting

Moved Panicum Dallas Blues, Shenandoah, and ruby to the ornamental grasses border, along with a piece of love grass and karley rose pennisetum and pennisetum piglet. Planted datisca and asparagus in the pool lawn border as well as queen mum agapanthus and dark blue agapanthus. Moved sparkling burgundy eucomis to the pool lawn border too. Moved tango weigela to helipad and tiers and hibiscus to the corner near the swamp cypress. Planted white mischief salvia near the octagonal perennial garden and planted the blue blueberry in the octagonal perennial garden. Removed all the mulch from the octagonal perennial garden to replace it with pinestraw. Moved silver dollar hydrangea to the pool lawn border.