Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Finally got the Abelias in the ground between the golf course and the croquet lawn. I planted Silver Anniversary, Confetti and Rose Creek this morning but the ground was too hard for the Canyon Creek and Golden Anniversary - we'll get the pick out tonight. In addition I put 3 Gulf Stream Nandinas near the Palm and the Skinner's Banana Shrub replaced the Ben Franklin tree on the side of the croquet lawn.

I had to replant one of the Daisy Gardenias by the turret - it had a lot of yellow leaves so I figured maybe there was too much mortar near the planting site. I raised it up a little and added more compost.

In the back around the small retaining walls I built a while ago I planted 5 Purple Hearts from cuttings that Ruth gave me. I had rooted them in water. Plus a Daylily and 2 perennial Hibiscus.