Saturday, April 07, 2012

Planting and transplanting

Dug up the Lindley's Butterfly Bush because it was suckering badly. Potted it up and dug up the remaining suckers. Also potted up the Cassian Pennisetum and Snow Rose Serissa after washing thoroughly because fire ants had built the mounds up so high that the plants were being taken over. Planted bulbs: 5 Casablanca Lilies and 5 Netty's Pride Lilies in the Octagonal Bed, 10 Gladiolus Nymph in the raised tropical bed in the front right corner with the daffodils, Canna musifolia in the pool corner, Boogie Woogie, Cezanne Gallery and Sandra Dahlias in the new raised tiers. Also planted the Liriope that I had previously dug up from the Pond Cypress and Turret Beds - behind the Jade Snowflake. Took out some Red Leaf Cannas from the pool and planted them behind the Kumson Forsythia. Potted up the Mr Spock Mallotus. Planted Cryptomeria araucarioides on the pool lawn corner where the Lindley's Butterfly Bush had been.