Sunday, April 15, 2012


I planted a Silver King Euonymus by the pool, Rudolph Euphorbia in the Octagonal Perennial Garden, transplanted Crimson Butterflies Gaura from the perennial bed to the Five Trees Garden, planted Elegantissima Boxwood in the Five Trees Garden, Caryopteris x clandonensis 'Worcester Gold' in the Camellias and More garden, Caryopteris x clandonensis 'Longwood Blue', Micron Holly and Salvia greggii SallyG Vanilla in the One of Everything garden, Variegated Helleri Holly in the Big Trees and Birds Garden with Daybreak Barberry, Twist of Lime Abelia with the other Abelias by the golf course (potted up what looks like a dead Margarita Abelia), and Leycestria formosa 'Jealousy' in the In Betweeen Garden
Potted up the Variegated Cassava to put by the pool.
Potted up a Hibiscus militaris from by the pool.