Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I planted Pee Dee Ingot Liriope in the front, replacing 2 white creeping Phlox which were burned by fertilizer (I potted them up), Aloysia virgata by the screen porch (potting up some red Verbena), Turk's Cap and Orange Zest Cestrum by the conservatory, Sea Holly Big Blue and Donkey-tail Spurge in the perennial bed, Sinoa Salvia in the front, moving the Ajuga to the sprinkler at the back., Itea chinensis and Viburnum superbum in the Hydrant Hedge, Dwarf Liatris in the berm, Ardisia chirimen by the garage side, Hypericum Brodie by the Loquat and Magnolia figo Hagiwara Everblooming in the One of Everything garden. Potted up the dwarf Osmanthus and kept it on the table in the screen porch.