Thursday, May 17, 2012


Planted the Magnolia insignis in the berm, Sterling Silver Stachyurus in the conservatory garden, Blackbird Euphorbia in the perennial bed, Sedum sieboldii in the top tier (potting up a white Phlox), Leucothoe Curly Red by the helipad, Sedum pachyclados in the Five Trees garden, Magnolia laevifolia Snow Angel in the front by the gate post (digging up the Blue Lyme grass and potting it up - it did not go with the Abelias planted there). Planted Autumn Delight Sedum in the tiers by the path. Planted out the Neillia sinensis from the In Between Garden which I had potted up because it was browning and put it in the front foundation hedge by the conservatory path. Also planted Coral Bean by the path in the Camellias and More garden.